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About Jamie Lynn

- Born and raised in Marietta, GA.

- Youngest of 3 (the baby!).

- Enjoy playing guitar, singing, hiking, and reading.

- Lover of all things spicy, black coffee, sunrises, and worship music.

- Will break out in dance anywhere, anytime. 

- Wants to travel the world.

- Love getting to know people, and value relationships.

- Owner of an adorable black pug named Mozart who is spoiled rotten on a daily basis.

- Graduated from Kennesaw State University in May 2012 with a Communications/PR degree.

- Currently work for Southern Ground Artists, Inc. in Atlanta, GA.

About Christopher

- Born and raised in Thomasville, GA.

- Moved to Acworth, GA at the age of 14.

- Joined the Army in 2009.

- First deployment in 2012.

- Currently pursuing a career in Air Traffic Control.

- Two older sisters, and one younger brother (stuck in the middle).

- Lover of anything that is sweet/sugary.

- Enjoys working out (so he can eat sweets all day long).

- Proud owner of an '87 Chevy Silverado.

- Will rock out to 90's music and all Butch Walker.

How we met

According to Jamie's older brother Jared, Christopher and Jamie were introducted in 2007 in her family's store in Marietta, GA when he and Jared were friends through their church group. Jared had the thought then, that the two would hit it off well and made an effort to introduce them. Neither Christopher nor Jamie remember meeting. 

June 2012 - Jared messages Jamie and says he has a friend on Facebook that he thinks she would get along with.."he's deployed, but I think ya'lls personalities will really work. You should just add him on Facebook. Be careful though, he is a man and if he likes what he see's...he will pursue."

3 days later - Christopher asks Jamie out on a date 3 months in advance when he plans to come home for R&R in September. 

Summer/Fall 2012 - The messaging, emailing, letter writing, and skyping began. With an 8 hour difference, sleep no longer mattered for these two - Chris would give Jamie early morning wake up calls and Jamie would stay up late to be on Skype when he woke up. They encouraged each other, shared a special connection through their love of music, and Jesus. Jamie was attracted to Christopher's joy. Christopher adored Jamie for her sweet demeanor, and her fun-loving confident disposition. 

September 2012 - Christopher came home from Kuwait for R&R and picked Jamie Lynn up at sunrise for their first date. They watched the sun rise over Kennesaw, had breakfast at J. Christophers in Kennesaw, and went to Trinity Fellowship (his church). At dinner with her family that night, Christopher asked her father if he could officially date his daughter. It was love.

December 2012 - Deployment over, Jamie was at the airport at 2am to welcome her man home.

February 2013 - Christopher recreated their first date, and surprised Jamie Lynn with a beautiful ring while sitting in his truck at sunrise one chilly, Sunday morning. They went to J. Christophers for breakfast after - where he had all of her friends and family waiting to celebrate. After breakfast, they went to Trinity Fellowship Church, ending the recreation of the first date. 


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